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How To Recover From A Drop In Performance

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We all go through drops in performance. It happens


Whether it comes from taking too much time away—vacation, illness, injury or lack of interest—or NOT taking time away, we can experience a drop in our mental and physical performance which can lead to a frustrating drop in results


Sustained intense effort causes fatigue and lack of focus. The desire to “suck it up” and stay in the fight leads to mistakes, injuries…or worse. And there can be cultural pressure to perform, which in turn leads to deeper issues that impact confidence, desire and overall execution.

On flip side, a drop in performance after a layoff can be equally frustrating and just as debilitating. It can be hard to find the drive and motivation, especially after losing the “edge” high-performers crave.

So what can we do to combat this? 
How do we recover from a drop in performance? 
And how can we prevent it from happening agin?

Join me on this episode of The High-Altitude Mentorship Show™ podcast for a discussion on how to recover from a drop in performance in business, sports, and life.

In this episode, we explore:

– Why feelings are false and how to ignore the ones that inhibit performance

– How to recover from a stall and get back on altitude

- A 5-step execution plan for breaking inertia and getting into to big action

– The unorthodox approach a college football team takes to keep their athletes sharp

– Why worry and anxiety diminish results, and how to deal with both

– and more…

Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far.


5 Critical Skills of Leadership Professionals

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In this chaotic, noisy, and ever-changing world, it can be hard to decipher if someone is
the ‘real deal’. You can usually tell within a few seconds if someone is being authentic,
but can they lead? Can they make a difference? Can they make an impact?

Whether you are an entrepreneur, executive, athlete, or a leader committed to moving the needle in your business and life, there are a handful of skills you must cultivate in order to elevate your game and be the best you can be.

Listen in as I share insights on five critical skills of leadership professionals.

In this episode, we explore:

  • Why doing the same thing over and over again could lead to excellent results
  • How staying focused really translates to better performance (and how to do it)
  • What it takes to cross the finish line (and why so many people don’t)
  • Why mistakes might be miracles in a messy package (and how to leverage them)
  • The power of collaboration, and why leaders rely on others to succeed
  • and more

And be sure to get a complimentary copy of JT’s 52-week audio course,
The Weekly Momentum Shift™ at http://www.FlyWithJT.com

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The 4-Point Assessment For Excellence

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High-performers, achievers and leaders of all types invariably experience the frustration of getting knocked off their mission from time to time. It happens, but it shouldn’t be a permanent thing; and if it happens too often, it can have lasting impact on your results.

How can we prevent getting derailed from our mission? And how can we avoid costly setbacks to stay on track to our goals?

Join me on this week’s episode of The High-Altitude Mentorship Show™ podcast for a discussion on how to filter out the chaos and distractions that lead to stagnation and frustration.

In this episode, we explore:
– What happens when we are faced with confusion and opposition to our objectives
– How to anticipate mistakes and sidestep them before they occur
– What the “center of gravity of decision-making” is (and how to use it)
– Why it is so important to clarify your vision and share it with others
– What the “how behind the why” is and how to define it
– How to use you “why” to accomplish your mission
– and more

Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far.

Trust: The Currency Of Leadership

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It’s more precious than diamonds. More valuable than gold. It can take a lifetime to earn…and seconds to lose. And when it comes to leadership—in business and life—it’s more important than money, time, or any other resource in the world.

We’re talking about trust. And if you understand how it’s earned and what it takes to keep it, you will be a leader with both influence and impact.

Join me for a hard-hitting conversation on the five elements of trust, and four ways to earn (and keep) it.

In this episode, we explore:
– The difference between results and reputation, and the importance of both in leadership
– Why being understood and seeking to understand others is crucial to earning trust from others
– What your temperament and attitude says about your trustworthiness
– How authenticity plays into trust (and what you may be doing to sabotage it)
– Why taking responsibility for mistakes, blunders and miscues can revive lost trust
– What to do when trust is broken
– and more…

And be sure to get access to JT’s 52-week high-performance audio course, The Weekly Momentum Shift™ at http://www.FlyWithJT.com

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5 Habits of Self-Starters

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Motivation is overrated. In fact, people who rely on motivation memes/videos/soundbites in order to “get started” usually find themselves trapped in a never-ending loop of chasing a dopamine rush instead of pursuing their mission.

Look at any high-performer and you’ll likely see someone who has an internal drive, and an inner “spark” that keeps them moving through any challenge; one that stays hot long after the rush of inspiration wears off.

What is it about these people who can find a way to get themselves going every day, regardless of the situation or how they feel?
Are they special?
Are they born that way?
Do they possess something everyone else lacks?
Or can this “spark” be developed?

Join me for a deep dive on how self-starters develop—and maintain—the drive for excellence.

In this episode, we explore:
– Why all leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers MUST be self-starters
– Why the “hard start” is the key to setting the tone to a high-impact day…and life
– How high-performers become stronger through adversity (and how you can too)
– The myth of “ready” and how it stifles progress, creativity and results
– What the “early bird” knows (and what it ignores) and how to benefit from the same mindset
– The fallacy of willpower, why elite performers ignore it and what they develop instead
– and more…

And be sure to get complimentary access my 52-week strategy course, The Weekly Momentum Shift™ at www.FlyWithJT.com today

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Deliberate Practice and The Science of High Achievement

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What does it take to be great at what you do? How many hours of work does it really take to become an ‘expert’? What if you could shorten that time, and get even better results in the process?

Believe it or not, expertise and high achievement isn’t just about putting in the time; it’s about putting in the right kind of effort with an emphasis on high-value execution, a discipline called Deliberate Practice.

With a profound hat tip to Dr. Angela Duckworth, author of Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance, listen in as we peel back the curtain on the science of high achievement and what it takes to develop greatness through deliberate practice.

In this episode, we discuss:
– How honing in on one small aspect of your mission could exponentially increase performance
– Why focusing on “doing it better” is more effective than “being prefect”
– What happens when we apply full concentration and 100% attention on a single action
– Why focusing on what you didn’t do as well as you’d like can lead to improvement
– How to use feedback to calibrate and refine your execution
– and more

Plus, we examine Duckworth’s “cycle of skill development” and how to apply it to your business, career and life.

Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far.

Undressing The Coaching Industry:  8 Traits of Great Coaches

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By now, it should come as little surprise that top performers in any field rely upon and follow the guidance of great coaches. From athletes to executives and entrepreneurs, the greats rely on the counsel and wisdom of coaches to elevate their game.

With that said, it pays to take a buyer-beware approach to hiring a coach. And if you identify as a coach, you owe it to those who place their trust in you to live and breathe a certain ethos that goes above and beyond just delivering “results”.

It seems like everyone is a “coach” these days. And with the proliferation of online certification programs, anyone with a few thousand bucks can almost instantly buy the title of Coach.

But there is a key and important aspect that is missing with these types of programs: they fail to teach leadership.

And while the connection of leadership to coaching is misunderstood (especially in the age of quick-and-ready coaching certification programs), the fact of the matter is in order to be a great coach, a person must be a strong leader.


But what does it take to be a great coach? And what do you need to look for when searching for a coach?

Join me for a deep-dive conversation on 8 key traits that world-class coaches share.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The difference between telling and teaching (and how great coaches know the difference)
  • How to tell a professional coach from a charlatan
  • The importance of creating and sharing the vision, and why great coaches MUST do it
  • Why coaching is more than about “how”…it’s also about who
  • The critical skill every coaching must have (and how to tell if they do)
  • Why emphasizing “peak performance” may kill your results
  • How great coaches use humility to create lasting change in their clients
  • and more…

Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far.


Developing Purpose-Driven Leadership

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It’s been said many times over on The High-Altitude Mentorship Show™ podcast that success is a team sport. And to that end, achieving optimal performance—be it individual or organizational performance—hinges on building and leaning on strong teams.

Team performance is driven by strong leadership, and high-performing leaders know that the best teams respond to a special brand of leadership: Purpose-Driven Leadership

From solo-preneurs to corporations to professional sports teams, purpose-driven leadership is a key component to high-performance in just about any field of endeavor.

But what does “purpose-driven” mean, and how is it any different from any other style of leadership?

To whom does this type of leadership apply, and who benefits from it the most?

And really…why should anyone (especially you) care?

Listen in as JT dissects the essential points of what it takes to develop and live driven-purpose leadership.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What luxury car maker, Rolls Royce, can teach about earning “buy-in” from your team
  • How entrepreneurs, corporations and sports teams leverage purpose-driven leadership
  • Why your team must “feel” your vision before they see it in order to understand it
  • How opening the door for someone else might lead to big things for you
  • Why “walking the deck plates” will render the best ROI any leader can achieve
  • What your teams know about you without you even telling them (and why you cannot hide it)
  • and more…

Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far.

The Importance Of An Abundance Mindset In Leadership

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One of the most significant (if not misunderstood) mindsets a leader can implement is a mindset of abundance. Abundance…interesting concept but what does it truly mean?

While many “Thought leaders”, gurus, “coaches” profess the message of abundance, few live by it. And while the notion is inspiring, it means far more than having an overflowing back account or more than enough resources to spare.

Abundance is a way of being. And a way of leading.

Join me for a conversation inspired by a John C Maxwell article on the role of abundance in leadership.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • How committing to your personal growth creates more abundance
  • Why enabling others through frivolous “giving” does more harm than empowering them with skills
  • Who you should remember—and reward—when you succeed in your missions
  • Why knowing your team and what they need is a game-changing leadership trait
  • What building sand castles on the beach can teach you about abundance
  • and more…

Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far.

Breaking Dread: How To Take On A Daunting Task

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Let’s face it: we all have things in life we’d rather avoid. Call it putting off the pain, delaying the dread or just flat-out procrastination, there comes a time in everyone’s life when we have to saddle up and get the job done.

And it’s especially true for High-Performers.

Whether it’s that tough workout at the crack of dawn, the big proposal to the ideal client or filing taxes, we can either choose to stagnate and stall out or face the music and dance.

But how do we attack those things we dread?
And how can we mange the daunting tasks better, get them done more efficiently and with better results?

Join me for a deep dive on how to attack your most dreaded missions with confidence and intensity in a way that leaves you with more time (and energy) to enjoy the best parts of your day.

In this episode, we deep dive into:

  • The power of the “big picture” and how stepping back to see it might just save your bacon
  • Why snap judgements and preconceived notions can sabotage your progress
  • How smashing things to pieces might just accelerate your results
  • What happens when you try to focus on too much at once (and ONE thing you should obsess over instead)
  • and more…

Fly High. Fly Fast. Fly Far.