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5 Habits of Self-Starters

By May 25, 2017 No Comments

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Motivation is overrated. In fact, people who rely on motivation memes/videos/soundbites in order to “get started” usually find themselves trapped in a never-ending loop of chasing a dopamine rush instead of pursuing their mission.

Look at any high-performer and you’ll likely see someone who has an internal drive, and an inner “spark” that keeps them moving through any challenge; one that stays hot long after the rush of inspiration wears off.

What is it about these people who can find a way to get themselves going every day, regardless of the situation or how they feel?
Are they special?
Are they born that way?
Do they possess something everyone else lacks?
Or can this “spark” be developed?

Join me for a deep dive on how self-starters develop—and maintain—the drive for excellence.

In this episode, we explore:
– Why all leaders, entrepreneurs and influencers MUST be self-starters
– Why the “hard start” is the key to setting the tone to a high-impact day…and life
– How high-performers become stronger through adversity (and how you can too)
– The myth of “ready” and how it stifles progress, creativity and results
– What the “early bird” knows (and what it ignores) and how to benefit from the same mindset
– The fallacy of willpower, why elite performers ignore it and what they develop instead
– and more…

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