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The Power of Patience

By May 31, 2017 No Comments

What can you learn from the career of a bamboo farmer? Why must leaders in any field—from sports to business to public office and even growing a family—develop the power of patience?

Anyone can lose their temper.
Anyone can throw their weight around.
And anyone can allow their ego, anger and lack of self-control to go unchecked and be used as a way to illicit a response from others.

And unfortunately, that response can be mistaken for leadership…which it is not. Far from it.

But it takes a strong and disciplined person to remain in their power; to feel the frustration and let it pass. And just like a muscle, patience takes time and practice to develop.

Join me for an in-depth discussion on how to develop (and grow) your patience as a leader.

In this episode, we explore:
– Why it is imperative to stop comparing your results to others (and obsessing over where you “should be by now”) 
– Two questions you must ask in order to get past momentary frustration
– How practicing patience daily can bring huge benefits (and affect your results)
– What happens when you feel frustration…and let it flow through you like a river
– How to channel your frustrations into jet fuel for progress
– Why you should note improvement…and even regression..of your patience practice
– and more…

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