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Confidence Vs Humility…And Why You Need Both

By February 15, 2017 No Comments

It may seem like a weird combination—like bacon-infused ice cream, or Mariachi heavy metal music (more awesome than you might think)—but perhaps the greatest one-two punch in high-performance leadership is the combination of confidence and humility.

And they work together even better than you might imagine.

On the surface, it may sound strange, and perhaps that is because of the age-old misconceptions about the two virtues.

On one hand, confidence is often misinterpreted as ego or arrogance, but nothing could be further from the truth. And on the other, being humble is sometimes confused for being meek or subservient. Again…light years from accurate.

So how do these two traits work together? And how can they be used to elevate your leadership and performance in business and life?

Listen to this episode of The High-Altitude Mentorship Show™ for a deep-dive on the symbiotic relationship of confidence and humility, where we explore:

  • The difference between true confidence and arrogance (and how ego is a mask of insecurity)
  • Why authentic humility is a sign of confidence (and why too much humility is a success-killer)
  • How collaboration and teamwork depend on a healthy balance of confidence and humility
  • The “catch-and-release” method for receiving criticism and blunt feedback
  • What confident, humble leaders focus on (instead of themselves)
  • The limitation of passion (and a more effective trait all leaders should lean on instead)
  • and more…

Listen to the episode above.

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